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By submitting your email above, you are expressing interest in being a part of something bigger. Some refer to it as the Narnia of the working professional world, others have called it "home" for life and work. We just call it Miteri.

Not for sale to people with a bad attitude.

A community.

miteri (noun): /mɪtɛri/

a Nepali word meaning ‘friendship’ used as a concept of fictive kinship between the nomadic tribes of the Himalayas.
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Due to the pandemic, our workspace has been closed permanently.
But miteri lives on.

Get in touch with us on one of the channels below if you would like to connect with our team and members to share stories, advice and sometimes a coffee.

Our Members have said some things...

Some say more, some say less, but in the end we're proud to have such a beautifully diverse community that inspires us to keep creating and sharing what we can.

If you've visited us before, feel free to leave us a review :)

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Josh Perry
Robotics Engineer at Aerobotics
“What makes it truly unique is how every member, staff and client, have a love of and find meaning in their work. If you're ambitious and care about what you do, Miteri willfeel like home.
Ant Browne
Designer at Formation
“I've been here forever and I'm never leaving.”
Jomari Budricks
Industrial Designer &
Founder UMI Ceramics
“Some of the people I have met at Miteri have become life-long friends and I'm so grateful for that. It's an amazing balance of community and work.”
Stephen Peel
Founder of Shackleton Brewing Co.
“Miteri is an environment that has enabled me and my business to thrive. We've been able to tap into the collective expertise of Miteri members over Friday beers on many occasions. It has been incredible.”
our members

Some of the teams we've been lucky to call members:

“In a time when having an office is optional, a place like this makes it difficult to stay home.”
Matthew Rockhill | COO @ Inversion Agency

We've carefully designed our space to cater to anyone's work style

A buzzing mix of small teams and individuals, Pumori is a workspace that sounds like your favourite coffee shop. There's background music, some chatter and more plant life than is necessary.

Designed for Community
  • Abundance of plants
  • Taking calls and chatting allowed
  • Smooth, tastful music in the background
  • Internal chill space

A space designed for focus, Kala is the silent space at Miteri. Upstairs has the perfect view of Devil's Peak and workstations are loosely coupled to cater for small teams who need to plug in and get work done in the quiet.

Designed for Focus
  • Airconditioning throughout
  • Silent space
  • Private space for teams
  • Sleek design and mountain views

A mixed space filled with light, Almora offers a hybrid creative space. It's the ultimate spot for designers, photographers and other creatives who wish to collaborate. With plenty of space for brainstorming, photoshoots and relaxed computer work, Almora is usually a buzz with people who have a sense of style.

Designed for Collaboration
  • Airconditioning throughout
  • Collaboration space
  • Writable walls and open space
  • Colourful decor and mountain views

A mixed space of co-working and team office spaces, Mera is the OG of our space. It's not a silent room like Kala, but Mera is certainly a hotspot for productivity. Mera has some of the best natural all-day light in the building and excludes all the bright minds working in the space.

Designed for Productivity
  • Air conditioning throughout
  • Bright natural light
  • Low noise
  • Filled with wooden desks & plants

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