Workspaces designed for any work style

Whether you're someone who likes to work in silence, but want the opportunity to meet interesting people or you're cool with some background chatter while you work, we've got a space designed for your work style.

Hello Productive

We put a lot of time, effort and energy into making sure every space is optimised for your productivity, no matter where you are in the space.

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Hello Beautiful

We know that great community and a beautiful space is what helps us to feel happier and more fulfilled when we work.

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Each Space is Different

We're all different. Hey, sometimes we're different to how we were yesterday.
We design our spaces so you can work different when you feel different.

Work to the hum of jazzy tunes and light chatter in this plant-filled jungle space.

See Pumori

Work in silence in the sleek design of this space and enjoy views of Table Mountain.

See Kala

Enjoy mountain views alongside a group of creatives in this mixed space.

See Almora

Work in an office or at the open plan desks in this natural-light filled space.

See Mera
Our spaces

Pumori is a space for community

Ideal for the coffee-shop worker who likes some background tunes and light chatter.
  • Abundance of plants
  • Taking calls and chatting allowed
  • Smooth, tastful music in the background
  • Internal chill space
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Our spaces

Kala is a space for focus

Ideal for periods of extreme focus or when you need pure silence when you're working.
  • Airconditioning throughout
  • Silent space
  • Space for teams
  • Sleek design and mountain views
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Our spaces

Almora is a space for collaboration

Perfect for creatives and freelancers who thrive off cross-pollination and working together on projects.
  • Airconditioning throughout
  • Collaboration space
  • Writable walls and open space
  • Colourful decor and mountain views
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Our spaces

Mera is a space for productivity

The OG space at Miteri, perfect for the small team or startup.
  • Air conditioning throughout
  • Bright natural light
  • Low noise
  • Filled with wooden desks & plants
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